Code2C has been our development partner since early 2013 and it’s due time I share some feedback. They have helped us develop a web based business game where the participants simulate orders and deliveries in a supply chain and learn the consequences of poor communication. They also helped us develop a gamified learning tool that enables teachers and students to use the most efficient learning strategies according to John Hattie. It’s an instructor lead learning tool for teams with focus on feedback that can be used both in classrooms and remotely via a tablet.

Besides being easy to work with, there are 4 major reasons why we are a “happy client”.

  • Good value for money
    Naturally we as a start-up need to make the most from our fundings.
  • Constructive feedback
    The team at Code2c are experienced, have analytic minds and guts to share their opinions. The few times when our requirements were not consistent or didn’t contribute to the overall project goal, they said so and proposed alternative solutions. They think before they act, and does not follow poor instructions without questioning them first. This competence has saved us a lot of money!
  • Visual design
    I am a graphic designer and UX designer and VERY picky when it comes to the user interface. What I get from Code2C is pixel perfect and it is a joy to see my mock-ups being transformed into a user friendly tool.
  • No negative surprises
    They work agile and it is very clear to us which user stories they work with and what to expect from each sprint. During those >5 years of collaboration there have never been any negative surprises.

If you have questions and want to know more, feel free to contact me at

/Jonas Uddman
Learning Designer & UX designer
at Gamified Learning Tool